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Rd 1: Region

HS Region Audition (All Sections)
Saturday, October 6, 2018

This audition contains two rounds: 
  • Round 1 will be an audition on the selections from the following listed literature
Audition Literature
Event Information
  • Location: Round Rock High School
  • Site Host: Jamieson McCaffity
  • On Site Registration: 7:45am-8:30am
  • Audition Start Time: 9:00am
Late Auditions
  • Students must arrive by 1:30pm. 
  • Directors make changes online and contact the Region Chair (see the Vocal Division page) 
  • *see handbook for approved reasons.
Online Registration
  • Enter at http://www.tmea.org/divisions-regions/auditions (prior to first round) - September 22, 2018
  • Students who advance from the first round audition will be automatically entered into this round. There is not an additional entry fee.
Entry Corrections Deadline
  • Contact Wendi Burwinkel by 4:00pm on October 2, 2018
  • Examples would include AM/PM requests, incorrect voice part, etc. 
  • Any changes following this deadline will incur a $25 late fee per request
  • All DNA students will be marked during the audition itself
Rooms that will be Zoned (divided)
  • Soprano 1
  • Soprano 2
  • Alto 1
Who Advances:
  • The top 24 students per section (12 per zoned room) will sing in the All-Region Choir Clinic and Concert and earn a letter jacket patch.
  • Chairs 1 - 18 (1 - 9 in zoned rooms) will compete at the Pre-Area audition.
  • Chairs 19 - 20 (#10 in zoned rooms) are alternates to the pre-area audition.
  • Chairs 25 – 48 (13 - 24 in zoned rooms) in S1, S2, A1, A2 parts perform with the All-Region Treble Choir.
Results will be posted at tmea26.com/vocal after the audition.